Silverson Ultramix in-tank mixing

Production floor workhorse offers exceptional mixing even in tight spots

Innovative design makes the Silverson Ultramix a must-have when mixing in problematic environments, such as the difficult vessel geometry of IBCs and tote bins. Designed for shear-sensitive applications, requiring mixing capabilities beyond the scope of conventional agitators, the Ultramix produces a highly efficient in-tank movement. Because of the small diameter of its single piece dynamic workhead, the Ultramix can provide effective high shear mixing even in vessels with narrow openings.

Offering one of the cleanest methods of in-tank mixing available on the market, the Ultramix also provides superior performance; rapid blending, dispersion and dissolving of ingredients for a wide range of applications within the food, pharmaceutical, personal care and chemical industries. The Ultramix can process volumes from laboratory scale up to 1,800 gallons, depending on viscosity, with larger units available upon request. This mid-range mixer is also suitable for bulk powder dispersion, deagglomeration, gelation, reaction acceleration, suspension and processing high-viscosity mixes.

Well matched
The Ultramix product range includes a series of production models and a laboratory scale unit compatible with the Silverson L5 Series lab mixers. This allows users to accurately reproduce the performance of production mixers in the laboratory, for more predictable scale-up testing, research & development and QA procedures.

The Ultramix is equally suited to aggressive chemical service and the most demanding sanitary standards—the unit complies with 3A, USDA and cGMP requirements and is designed for clean-in-place (CIP) operation with sterilise-in-place (SIP) as an option.

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